From the recording Sonic Story

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Sendy Brown- vocals
Andre Enceneat- vocals
Pete Frassrand- piano
Domenic Sabol- cello


Go to sleep, don’t you cry, I’m with you my child.
Lay your head on my shoulder and rest for a while.
Close your eyes and I’ll sing you a quiet gentle tune,
And sweet dreams will come over you soon.

As you grow, you’ll realize that with joy there too comes pain.
If you want to have rainbows there must first be rain.
Oh these aren’t your first tears; sadly they won’t be your last.
But with love life is worth every tear.

In our song is a prayer full of hope for you dear child.
May it soothe all your troubles when life has you riled.
Trade those tears for a smile, then perhaps a dream or two;
Feel the love in this song sung for you.